Review: Gamma Ray

Gamma Ray
“No World Order”
(Noise Records)

High concept: a secret order called the Illuminati controls all the governments of the world and engages in a deadly game for its own continuation of power.  Gamma Ray are rising up and sticking it to this make believe man because, I assume, it’s easier to stick it to phantom political orders rather than the real ones waging an endless war upon the poor of all nations.  And what is it precisely that would lead a bunch of Germans to suspect a governmental conspiracy against the people?  I can’t imagine; I can’t imagine. If you don’t know, Gamma Ray burbled forth from the monster euro-power metal band, Helloween and contain in their ranks Helloween’s original vocalist.  Yeah, he was the guy who sang, “Gor-Gar will eat you.”  By this point in time, 2002, I can say that with Gamma Ray he has perfected his operatic alto singing voice and the band backing him is a precise beast, tight in all the right places and just loose enough to allow for some rough and rollicking rocking and rolling. “No World Order” is liberally peppered with choral vocal chants, double bass drumming and galloping guitar riffs that all work in concert to help every song soar with militaristic Wagnerian German passion.  Nine thumbs up!