Review: Heros Severum

Heros Severum
““Rock N Roll Nigga / Get Ur Freak On”
(Two Sheds Music)

I personally am not comfortable with commenting on an artsy group of white folk playing a song called “Rock N Roll Nigga”.  Yes, the speak their mind and don’t let any one dictate what music they play, but it’s taboo to do this kind of shit.  It has the complete opposite connotation than the band intends and although it is a misunderstanding it is an understanding nonetheless.  Hearing a dark, mod rock rendition of Missy “beep, beep, who’s got the keys to the jeep” Elliott’s “Get Ur Freak On” is some what of a novelty.  The beats sound pretty sweet on a guitar.  I would love to hear this version on Power 106 in LA.