DVD Review: The Vandals “The Show Must Go Off!”


The Vandals
The Show Must Go Off!”
(Kung Fu)

While I’ve enjoyed quite a bit of what the “The Show Must Go Off!” series brings to the table, I usually end up lamenting the poor production quality and static cameras at the venue, while the kinetic frontmen and aggressive guitarists flaunt their charismatic charms around the stage. Thankfully, this is not the case with The Vandals’ offering to the clamoring hordes, as the stationary cameras are replaced by fully mobile and intrusive (sometimes too intrusive, as during Warren’s spandex-clad rendition of “I Have a Date”) units, which give the viewer a better sense of the action. And take it from a guy whose been to more than one Vandals’ show (two), there is action a plenty. The laughs are nonstop and contagious, during such showstoppers as “NIMBY” and “My Girlfriend’s Dead”, poking fun at that damn guy from the SNL band and busted-up relationships. Since it’s the Vandals, you can count on plenty of tunes that just jam, and highlights include “Soccer Mom” and “Oi to the World”, both featuring impressive guitar solos from Wayne as well as a camera that sits right behind the kick drum and captures the action admirably. What truly separates this one from the webcast-y feel of the previous “Show Must Go Off!” releases is the truly intimate showmanship of The Vandals, as their good time is vicariously passed on to the sweaty throngs. Give this one a shot.

Brian Greenaway