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back to DVD reviews home DVDThe Vandals Artist: The Vandals Title: Sweatin’ to the Oldies: The Vandals Live Label: Kung Fu Films

This fully packed double-DVD collection is built around a release of the group’s hour-long VHS documentary. The first disc of the VHS’s material now has an additionally audio track of the band’s own commentary on each part of the documentary and concert video. Not only do we see live footage of the group performing such songs as “Urban Struggle (I Want to be a Cowboy)” and “Anarchy Burger”, but we find the real story behind “Pat Brown”. Or do we? The interview with the singer of the South Bay Surfers on the second disc seems to cast doubt on all that, or is it all in good fun? Good (but not necessarily) clean fun is had by all The Vandals on this DVD set. Also on the second disc is a hilarious analysis by the band of their own audience getting into the show and the totality of Joe Escalante’s interview of Bjork and Siggi of The Sugarcubes.

Tom “Tearaway” Schulte