Review: Under The Weather

Under The Weather
(Orange Peal Records)

These guys used to be the Sloppy Meateaters, remember those guys? Well, they lost one of their founders and decided to switch it up, but they still sound pretty good. Their self-titled EP provides a little kick to their pop-punk sound, separating them from the softer acts flooding the mainstream right now (you know who the offenders are: Good Charlotte, Midtown, etc.).

So a few poppy-punky tunes and a couple of throw-away tracks and you want to know why this thing isn’t immediately banished to the dark recesses of some long forgotten discount bin at your local record store? The reason, gentle reader, is the sixth track, a brilliantly understated cover of Nirvana’s “Verse Chorus Verse”, one of Cobain’s best and the track that makes me think there might be a little more to Under the Weather than a few hooks and some simple harmonies.