Review: Ultrababyfat

““Eight Balls in Reverse””
(Dophin Tone Music)

I love listening to girl rock bands.  There is always something awesome about a girl singing sweetly one minute than in my face the next.  Bands like The Breeders, Hole, Bangels etc. have been attempting to do this for years.  Well, move over rover here comes Ultrababyfat.  Three girls and a boy bring an innovative rock sound onto the music scene.  Okay, that’s what everyone says, but you know what?  It’s true.  Actually, they sound an awful lot like The Breeders which is a killer group.  The first cut kicks in with “Gunshy”.  Oh-La-La, don’t get “Bored In Paris” or you will regret it.  The strange “Apple Tree” song which belongs on a soundtrack for the Power Puff girls cartoon is sweet.  In fact, I would swear they are the Power Puff Girls.  “Underground” runs rampart with the vintage 60’s Cher-gone-badgirl style.  “The Fool” is a totally bitch’n rock groove which makes you want to get up and dance a little.  These musicians are great which lends them to produce great music.  I can hear a lot of influences in the music and no two songs are the same.  Interesting and cute (the girls, that is), Ultrababyfat has taken a good firm step towards going top ten.  Their website,, has a great opening sequence and is easy to get through.  Music clips are available, though I am sure you will want to buy this CD after you listen to them.  Chick Bands Rule!