Review: Ugly Duckling

Ugly Duckling

Journey To Anywhere”
(Emperor Norton)

Oh… yes the Ugly Duckling in the early stage of development as they journeyed to anywhere only to return which greater knowledge to drop on the unsuspecting consuming public. A public who may or may not attempt to place them in a certain context to understand their unique diverse style of hip hop. The Beats are still phenomenal but Einstein complexity as producers shines greater o their recent LP release “Meat Shakes”.

And by means minimize the remarkable talented work port forth on his journey anywhere. And the work on this album in extensive…it has 13 tracks to open your mind with then another seven to close it of . It’s this second CD that brings a new element of diversity to the albums production as whole entity. With a total of 21 tracks packed with great stories, straight ahead beats v(produced by Einstein, who by the way utilizes some of most intricate was of composing monumental beats) and an overall attitude of comedic sincerity leaves these semi-ugly have mutated to a swan creature in a position to entertain and educate with a unique style they can truly call there own.