Review: UDO

“Nailed to Metal… the missing tracks”
(AFM Records)

It’s UDO. He used to sing for Accept. He’s the famous gravelly voiced German who sang the over rated song “Balls to the Walls.” You probably remember that one huh? I bet you liked to sing along? You’ve got your balls to the wall, yeah! This live CD has UDO performing “Balls to the Wall”, a nearly nine minute long epic rendition of “Balls to the Wall.” Could the world have survived without it? The sad answer is most assuredly, “NO.” The album also includes “Fast as a Shark,” and that’s the song Accept should be remembered for. That’s the real kicker. Certainly one of the best metal songs of all time. I kid you not. Sound quality? The live sound quality is snappy. The ride cymbal – is there such a thing as a ride cymbal? If there is it’s too up front in the mix, it’s in my head; it’s killing me, riding me, destroying me with its incessant hissing. Poo. Fast as a Shark!