Review: Trick Daddy

Trick Daddy
““Thugs Are Us””
(Slip-N-Slide / Atlantic Records)

Like most rap albums nowadays, this album is more of a compilation album of the whole Slip-N-Slide family than it is a solo album of Trick Daddy. However, unlike most rap albums out there, just about every track on the CD is bangin’. Trick Daddy brings the Southern sound that’s really emerging now and brings forth clean beats and kick ass lyrics to go with it. “Take It To Da House” is already getting lots of airplay and becoming a summer anthem, but “I’m a Thug” is a surprise with the kids chorus adding so much more to the song. Having Trina and the rest of the Slip-N-Slide crew adds rather than detracts from the realness of the album. Definitely a good listen and a better party album.