Review: Tracy + The Plastics

Tracy + The Plastics
““Muscler’s Guide to Videonics””
(Chainsaw Records)

What the hell IS this?  Tracy + The Plastics (the Plastics referring to her keyboard + sampler and drum machine) is an exercise in very self-indulgent wankery utilizing said plastics.  HIGH (in all meanings of the word) sense of “cheapness” used in the sonic spectrum here.  Extremely talented arrangements with poetic art chick rants.  But this does irritate and will garner a “This sux.” from most passerby’s.  I agree mostly, but only because Tracy hasn’t learned how to utilize the sounds past the presents on her Casio.  Maybe that’s the intention, super sterile, almost midi-like tinny electronic arrangements against cheap preset drum rolls with Tracy seemingly overly concerned with life in general.  Ever see those artists that create a fucking masterpiece out of Light Brites?  Or an immaculate Lego sculpture?  Or paint the constitution on a grain of rice?  Tracy + The Plastics is a lot like that.  Tons of talent utilizing tools that really aren’t the best medium to express in this given context.  I’m guessing this is entirely intentional, but I bet with some access to some either better equipment and more selective array of sounds used, Tracy could be worshipped for the art chick she’s so desperately flaunting on, “Muscler’s Guide to Videonics”.  Tracy’s personality is charmingly bizarre enough to keep intrest, but I’m stoned off my ass right now so factor that in.  And she sampled AC/DC’s, “For Those About To Rock” and did the rhythm guitar line with her cheesy keyboard.  Still not sure if that’s cool or not.  For the extremely bored able to appreciate a Mona Lisa done entirely in Light Brites.