Review: Tossers “Long Dim Road”

“Long Dim Road”
(Thick Records)

Oy, where’s me Guiness? The Tossers take the mighty sounds of the Irish and whip it into a tamer, calmer version of the spectacular Flogging Molly. Many bands have tried to capture the traditional, happy-drunk, sound that only the Irish can compose, but not all have the authenticity that the Tossers display in this album. The first song entitled, “The Crutch” is about drinking.  You can’t go wrong with a song like that.  “Mad Riot” contains  powerful vocals and intense use of guitars, banjos, violins, piano, bass and drums.  In fact, it’s the best song off the album.  Some of the lyrical content dabbles into political issues, racism, and all the social injustices that occur on a daily basis, which is perfect if you’re playing music to organized groups like PETA or some Equal Rights Alliance. But this kind of music is supposed to be cheerful and enjoyed while getting hammered with bottomless jugs of beer! Nonetheless, it’s a great album that makes you think more than usual, and that’s scary.