Review: Thrice

““Identity Crisis””
(Sub City Records)

The first thing I did after listening to this eleven track release from Orange County’s Thrice was pick my jaw up off the floor.  The second was hit repeat on my CD player.  Third, I went to and found out everything I could about this album.  Yes, it is that good.  Thrice manages to pack every joule of possible energy into each and every song, filling “Identity Crisis” with roaring, pummeling guitars, lightening quick bass lines, and post-hardcore vocals.  Don’t expect just another “screamo” offering here, though.  Thrice may be the only band I have ever heard of (save the Beatles, of course) where all four members lend their voices to the tracks, allowing for soaring melodies and anthem choruses that will keep this one spinning for a long, long time.  “Identity Crisis” represents Thrice’s first LP and the production value and maturity shown here promises tons of good stuff in the future.  Look for these guys on selected legs of the Vans Warped Tour this summer and be the guy that tells your friends, “Oh yeah, I’’ve been into these guys forever.”  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to listen to this one again.