The Story So Far premiere ‘Solo’



Walnut Creek, CA pop punkers The Story So Far have released a new song called, ‘Solo’.

While writing about the girl that is pissing you off is a theme that has been more than covered, there is a reason that topic is universal.

Guys can relate. Girls can relate. The cycle of the man/woman struggle is never-ending.

That’s why I save my love for inanimate objects. Don’t judge. They don’t.

And don’t judge the pop punk moniker of The Story So Far.

‘Solo’ is a well crafted track with some great movement courtesy of Ryan Torf drum progressions and solid backing vocals.

That track is off an upcoming self-titled album due to hit on May 19th on Pure Noise Records.


The band had previously released a track called, ‘Nerve’. Another strong emotional indie pop punk tune with a snotty bounce that falls between Blink 182, Hey Mercedes or The Movie Life.

As a testament to this bands following, consider this: ‘Nerve’ is on an album, that has not been released, but there are multiple acoustic and bedroom covers of the song uploaded to YouTube. That says something when your music not only gains you fans, but inspires them to play your music.

Their previous effort 2013’s, “What You Don’t See” showcased the band’s success by debuting at #46 on the Billboard Top 200 chart with over 13,000 copies sold in its first week. Other rankings the album saw its first week include #1 Vinyl, #8 Alternative, and #8 Independent.

That kind of momentum coupled with a good tour ethic should see their next album do at least as well.

The band is on an extensive US tour in May and June so if their music moves you, it should be easy enough to schedule a date.