The cutest ‘Crazy Train’ you ever saw


These are the Louisville Leopard Percussionists .

A group of performing kids ages 7-14 comprised of students from around the Louisville, Kentucky area.

This is what happens when metal-heads grow up… they get music degrees and sneak Ozzy Osbourne songs into the minds of your children.

But then they spit it out with such fierce cuteness, the smiles become involuntary.

They are so heart-warming, the master of metal himself, Ozzy Osbourne, donated $10,000.00 to the group after hearing their version of, “Crazy Train”.


So worth $10,000.00…

Here is the original version in case you were wondering who this Ozzy Osbourne fella is… plus… the best guitarist Ozzy ever had in his ranks… the brilliant Randy Rhoads.