Review: Tech N9ne

Tech N9ne

Absolute Power”
(Strange Music)

Multifaceted and quite possibly schizophrenic in delivery, Tech’s latest release has “the power to move a sea of people”, as Tech describes. That power is absolute and yes, absolute power corrupts absolutely. So scurry your little lazy limbs over to your local music market and delve into the realm of music industry mockery, sexual debauchery and pure lyrical virtuosity as Tech spits bars in mutated formats over beautiful tracks.

“Imma Tell”, “Slacker” and… wait, I can’t decipher a track that stands out above all others…this album is lyrically consistent as well musically. Tech’s production comes from the 5150 crew, Rubonyx and Femi, to name a few. All of which perpetuate the cycle of remarkably talented straight ahead hip-hop marinated in originality then sautéed with precision cuts and samples, this is MPC production perfection at its pinnacle and an emcee with an optimum style. “HERE COMES TECCA NINA…”