Review: Tech N9ne


(Strange Music)

It’s prolific and profound to have an album encompass the pure pains and joys of life’s complicated decision into an album that emits a multitude of daemons and angles playing ones psyche. The album feel like an intense hour ling roller coaster ride of emotions, events and energy pulsating at an alarming rate…Tech’s lyrics and flow maneuvered strategically around and this slamming album that retains an independent FUCK YOU style yet transcended barriers to the mainstream public without compromising the substantial amount of creatively clever art he offers his listeners. “Stamina” is a track that will shed light on to TECH delivery and how his switch hitting flows can touch your mind in a multitude e of style as he flip style and verse at speeds I can’t my car up to. Overall the album depicts Tech’s life and in turn how that relates to his music and writing. It’s a soulful release which comes straight from the soul, just by the outstanding artwork and album title could hypothesizes how Tech’s heart has been stained. From suicides to the stamina of his mouth, Anghellic exemplifies the reality of our everyday simplistic decision which effects all we do and say. The album is perpetually bleeding artery from tech’s heart to provide al those in need a desired transfusion.