Review: Tamora

“There’s No Tomorrow Baby, So How About Tonight”
(Happy Couples Never Last)

This vegan hardcore act from California is known for their opposition to meat eating and KFC. That being said, is their music any good? Take the chicken wing outta your mouth and listen up; Tamora have razor sharp guitar riffs and huge breakdowns that I never even saw with my shitty ass Dodge van. Dual vocalists add to Tamora’s ferocious attack, giving their music an intense sense of urgency. Imagine Alexisonfire engaged in a knife fight with From Autumn to Ashes and you’ll get the picture. With song titles like ‘Where’s Ian MacKaye When You Need Him!?’ and ‘It’s Hard to Eat Meat With Broken Fingers’ and a blistering sound, Tamora will rock you on your ass.