Surgical Meth Machine – Al Jourgensen unbound


That zombie-esque madman is Al Jourgensen.

Best known as the frontman for Ministry.

Now off the rails on his solo project Surgical Meth Machine.

Yeah, it sounds pretty much like the name implies it would.

Imagine the heaviest, fastest, most schizophrenic parts of Ministry… now lock them up in a basement studio and pump them full of red bull and adderall with a television that is set to switch channels every 15 seconds.

The self-titled album will be released by Nuclear Blast in April 2016.

Buckle up… ‘Tragic Alert’

In an interview Al did last October with In The Loop magazine, he commented on how this project formed:  “You know, [guitarist] Mikey [Scaccia] died a couple of years ago, from Ministry, and I just figured, like, nah, it’s time to quit. I don’t want to have John Bonham’s kid playing drums for us and having replacement parts forever; that’s just not my scene. So I just figured, ‘All right, let’s stop this. Let’s do some other stuff.’ And not only that. I found that it was really unburdensome to not have the Ministry moniker or expectations and just do something like whatever the fuck we want. I mean, the band’s name is ‘Surgical Meth Machine’. It’s not like we’re gonna be on Top 40 radio and on ‘The Voice’ and ‘American Idol’.

Probably not, but this is some frantic fresh stuff from a camp that has put out a LOT of music over the years. If this is still what is clanging around inside Al’s head… the man has an asylum’s full of untapped genius to lay upon the unsuspecting masses.


“Surgical Meth Machine” track listing:

01. I’m Sensitive
02. Tragic Alert
03. I Want More
04. Rich People Problems
05. I Don’t Wanna
06. Smash And Grab
07. Unlistenable
08. Gates Of Steel
09. Spudnik
10. Just Go Home
11. Just Keep Going
12. I’m Invisible

Some Ministry just because…