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So you burn CDR’s huh? Tired of writing on the disc with a pen? Sure Thing makes this neat little box with a few key things to relieve your writing hand. For $39.95, you get a kit that includes everyting you need to make… decent labels for your CD’s. No, we’re not talking professional; those are printed directly onto the disc. This is a labeling system; the sticky kind. You’ll need any type of PC with Windows on it, and obviously some porn, err, school work CD’s to label. The setup includes two stompers, a bunch of labels to get started (although seriously not enough for the pack rate type of CD burner hobbiest), software and a manual. Installation is pretty simple, and the sheets work with just about any printer. We have a black and white laser printer, so when I actually got around to making labels, they didnt look as cool as the ones pictured on the box. Oh well. Don’t buy this thinking your going to start a CD labeling plant for local bands; this setup is more for people who like to make CDR’s for others, and perhaps bands to label masters and personal copies of their work.