Interview: Stereotyperider

by pr!

Between all the Thursday wannabee’s and Poison the Well clones, are their bands out there doing something different that’s actually worth listening to? If you’ve never heard of Stereotyperider don’t let that be a detterent; this band puts out some of the most creative rock out there. But don’t use the word ‘rock’ literally, as this is no Fu Manchu or Corrosion of Conformity; think more-brisk Weezer song structures with what the Foo Fighters WANT to sound like. You know, that part of a song by FF that kind of takes you off guard, because it rocked so hard. Stereotyperider turns those parts into complete songs, creating an album with zero track skippin’. I shot the shit with Stereotyperiders (?) Shane, Mike and Anthony a few days ago…

What is a “stereotyperider” anyways?
Mike: We actually came up with the name because how some people are so quick to judge someone by the way they look or by their beliefs. It’s a waste of energy to try and prove yourself to everyone. I think if you just go with the flow on what people think of you. You’ll find out that you’ll probably be a lot happier.

It sounds like there was something in particular that influenced the lyrics of “It’s not old yet”.
Mike: That song is basically saying that no matter how bad one feels their life is going, that if you think about all the good things you have going for you they would probably weigh out the bad things. Playing with our friends bands and playing music we all love is what makes what we are doing not old yet.

Before “Same Chords, Same Songs, Same Six Strings”, you had a release EP on Sunset Alliance. What’s changed since that record?
Mike: I think that when we put out our EP we were still very new to each other as musicians. Shane and myself had been jamming together forever and Dave and Anthony had been jamming together forever as well so, I think that with the new record we picked up where the last one left off with more
intense song writing.

Was “Fair Weather Fan” your first release?
Shane: Yeah, it was our first release and we never imagined it was going to recieve the response that it did. We sold 2000 copies on our own with no distribution. That was unexpected.

Did Stereotyperider have any reason going to Suburban Home for yourcurrent release, as opposed to Sunset (or any other label)?
Shane: Yes. We decided that a labels integrity and vision for our band was the most important. I guess we believe in Suburban Home and Suburban Home believes in us and that’s all that matters.

You’ve toured with some pretty impressive acts (Suicide Machines, The (International)Noise Conspiracy); what’s that ‘scene’ like?
Shane: It’s funny how rumors can spread. We got a review that said that, but
but the truth is we have opened up some huge shows with both of those bands, but not a complete tour. When you open up shows for some of your favorite bands you have the opportunity to play for an audience that otherwise might not have ever came out to a show. As far as the “scene” goes, we didn’t have a chance to talk with I.N.C. too much. but Jay from Suicide Machines is one of our very close friends.

Anything upcoming for Stereotyperider (splits, comps etc) or it’s members?
Shane: As far as comps go, we’re on the comp., which is currently the highest selling local release right now in AZ. We are also on the Law of Inertia comp, we have done a Helmet tribute compilation coming out within the next couple of months, and we have some more things in the works for the summer.

George Bush is a _______.

Anthony: I had a great time doing coke with him.
Shane: mystery.
Mike: idiot.

And your favorite place to play?
Shane: Mine would have to be the club we just played in Colorado Springs called the Bleu 32. It’s a really cool piano bar with balcony seating, you know, the whole velvet curtain thing. Or Nita’s Hideaway in Tempe, Arizona.

Opinion of drug decriminalization?

Shane: It doesn’t make sense to me that anything that occurs naturally in the envirorment should be legal. By the way, Does bathtub meth come from a vine or tree? (That’s a joke.)

Anything else?

Thanks again, and heck out our website for upcoming tour dates, MP3’s, etc.