Review: Solseekers


Halfway There”

Capture the Elusive has well-delivered flows, that, when spit with tight beats have the capacity to thrash you mentally. The album is like riding a lyrical wave, you’re up then you’re down, the vocabulary is not the greatest but his style is what holds it down. Cap’s got the delivery but the release lacks the level of lyricism he has the potential to reach. I think his move to unite with Future Shock will nurture his style.

Time in the lab would be a good move (’cause the art & scene need his attitude and style). DJ DNA kills it on this release; just refer to the “Balance” track if you want to test the validity of that statement (however an album is only as good as its weakest beat and there are one or two weaker beats). This release will face the grave difficulty of transcending the barrier of being Christian influenced. The repeated reference to the beliefs may be a hindrance when the music is presented to the mainstream public.

I understand the concept to rep for one’s beliefs in Christ but the way it’s referenced makes the difference. Overall the release can’t keep my attention, but has the audacity to tug persistently on my sleeve, whispering notions of Cap’s and DNA’s talent. “Come and Go” is an exquisite example of what these cats have to offer, a measuring stick for I what I expect as a consumer.