Review: Secret Hate

Secret Hate
““Pop Cult Vomit””
(Cornerstone RAS)

Secret Hate emerged from a very long hiatus (since the early 80s) and bring us Pop Cult Vomit. This album is quality- nothing like the pop punk we’ve become accustomed to- this shit is mind-blowing. They combine punk, hardcore and rock and emerge with these amazing riffs that are kick you in the ass one minute and appeal to your aesthetic side the next. With their very ‘fuck you, fuck society and fuck the radio’ attitude, they bring back what old-school, punk-rock is about. The song “To Speak or Love” is an exercise in creativity, an experimental musical styling of pop-art.  Other songs, like “Love Enough 4/2” and “Things You Never Do” project the bands softer side, while “Buckwheat n’ Liberty” and “Hamwater” are purebred punk creations.  If you’re looking for an eclectic, energized mix of punk-subs, “Pop Cult Vomit” is the CD for you.