Sebastian Bach: Book release and tour plans


This is Sebastian Bach trying to look pretty back in the day.

Laugh all you want, but he’s forgotten about more tail that he’s had than you are ever going to get in your lifetime.

Nowadays, he’s looking more like this…


And still gets more tail thrown at him than you will ever see in your entire lifetime.

He rose to fame as the singer for Skid Row…


But by all accounts, the band is comprised of twat-waffles that are too hung up on their own cool to realize they had one of the best hard rock singers in the world.

Sebastian Bach went solo in 1996 and has since maintained his rock-star level of fame. Skid Row got to keep the name, and then promptly squandered its worth with a couple of mediocre releases and a far-less-than-Sebastian singer (who has since left, as well as his announced replacement after only 8 months working with the band… so… figure that out).

There are two reasons Mr. Bach has had such a successful career…

1) He is one of the best singers his genre has ever seen
2) He is the preeminent prototype for a front-man… always high energy and crowd pleasing even when he is not on stage.

But even more importantly, when you cut Sebastian Bach, he bleeds rock n roll.

I interviewed him once. He took my weed. True story.

The life-long rocker who has never held a job other than ‘lead singer’ has written a book that is scheduled for release in June of 2016.


In anticipation of the book, Bach has planned a U.S. spring tour that will incorporate an intimate acoustic set followed by a full electric live show.

“‘An Evening With Sebastian Bach’. No, that doesn’t mean we’re going to end up in the back of a police car. It means that for selected shows on the upcoming tour, we want to do something brand-new. Let’s bring the music back to its purest form.” – Sebastian Bach

The vocalist talked about the motivations behind what makes his book different: “There are easy ways to do memoirs, simple ways to do biographies. What separates these books is the archival content. ’18 And Life On Skid Row’ could also be called ‘The Skid Row Archives’. I am giving you my personal collection, photos, and documents none of you have ever seen. A lot of them.”

The book is filled with the kind of tour stories one might expect from being on the road with the likes of Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Motley Crue, Soundgarden, Pantera, Nine Inch Nails and Gun N’ Roses. Stocked with rare, never-before-seen photos from Bach’s personal collection, “18 and Life on Skid Row” is the story of a young band who blew up big and imploded prematurely from the pressure.


You know you want some… Skid Row in their prime.

“Youth Gone Wild”

“Slave to the Grind” – (one of the best tunes these guys ever kicked out)

“Monkey Business”

“18 and Life” – cheese… but good cheese.


(yeah… there is an obscure Skid Row reference in here…. this is how my brain works. Welcome.)

Photo from shortly after Mr. Bach took my stash
Sebastian had a mean case of the munchies… wonder why?
“Yeah… I took it… I’m Sebastian Fucking Bach man!”