Review: Scum of the Earth

Scum of the Earth
““Better Late than Never””
(Boot to Head Records)

Scum of the Earth is fucking cool.  They are punk as fuck for using the word society so many times. Definite punk gurus of Australia. Down under. They probably fucking hate that, that whole down under shit. Yeah it fucking sucks hah?  Scum of the Earth sounds kind of like this positive amalgamation of  street punk, hardcore and Oi!. As well as a saxophone, just for fun made for an individualistic crossover of punk. Anyway these guys are the “laziest band in the world”. The album is a collection, nay a discography of Scum of the Earth.  Involving their music from 1990-1998. It is  a staple necessity for the punk rock fan. Cause it is a diverse collection of talents, and an eclectic side dish of thoughts that affects society. But it came out about three years late. I seriously think it should be purchased as it was the roots for such other musical talents as CeaseFire, one Australia’s sickest Hardcore bands. As well as Sounds like Sunset, a Down Under “emo-rock” band.