Review: S.A. Smash

S.A. Smash

Smashy Trashy”
(Def Jux)

Consciously comedic with an air of arrogance to their intellectual scheme: the Smash Bros. and their team of producers has formulated and album with a multitude of grimy street intellect as well as creative consciousness. The Smash brothers bring new flavor for music consumers desirous of seeking something tasty and treacherous they can zone on. ‘Cause they “throw your tapes in garbage pails, got a thing for dingbats and garter belts, an’ I’m talk shit till my tongue starts to swell.”

These Def Junkies bring the raw Dirty Jerzey style, complete with guitars and sexy female hooks perfectly synchronized to beats/bass line. And emcee showings from OX, Aseop and El-P over authentic beats delivered by PRZM and El-P, to name a few. Then they twist it all around and “you’re a robot… here’s my people, you’re a systematic format and you’re lethal.” They’ve taken all the desirable ingredients necessary for procuring quality tracks, and injected them into their own smashy trashy style.

It’s intelligent gansta shit, tainted by love, remorse, and the brutal reality of a chosen lifestyle…”cause ain’t shit worse then a waste of talent, life goes on with out it, real niggas do something about it, Smash Bros. do something about it!”