Modern Fix

THE RUM DIARY – by pr!



As much as I’d like to think that everyone that listens to radio and MTV/Fuse WANTS good music, I have a feeling a good chunk of them wouldn’t ‘get it’ even if it was given to them. While you and I cringe when a car drives by with Linkin Park cranked, others call into radio stations and request them. Well, I thought long and hard about this, and all I’ve got is “fuck those people.” Popular music has poisoned them beyond recovery, and the sooner we get over that, the sooner we (you and me and that one blond guy from Full House) can get the fuck out of here and start a new society. We’ll make Tom Petty the mayor… it’ll be The Postman all over again, except more popular. We’ll make a little town, a luscious park with a treefort, and mount speakers everywhere, always playing different music. On Sundays we’ll play more mellow down shit; reggae, jazz, and soft indie stargazer rock like Three Mile Pilot, Pink Floyd (hey in my fantasy, Floyd is indie rock) and The Rum Diary. Formed in 2000, they appeared on a few comps before releasing their first release, “Noise Prints.” Less experimental and more prolonging indie rock. Listening to their current material will let you finish the angle of “Noise Prints”. After a 7″ here and a compilation there, they put out the EP “A Key to Slow Time”. The five songs clearly show that Rum Diarys been getting more melodic and full of peaceful intenseness and yeah, it’s definitely in the vein of bands like Death Cab. I fucking crank “Poisons That Save Lives” the latest Rum Diary album. Released last year, it has this phonic stripper-fingers that give your shoulders a rub and get you all relaxed, while quietly removing any stress or girlfriend hassles you may have. It’s dreamy, parts are beautifully melodic and the hypnotic drumming (with equally as entrancing guitar and bass lines) makes me smoke more weed than Whitney Houston when it’s playing. Wait, is that too old of a reference?