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ROACH- interview by prince hunter johnena bliss

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Roach is a true hippie if I ever met one. He travels by hitch hiking and consumes nothing. With his master kung fu powers, he delivers swift blows to the angels of death. His soul glides with the unicorns of life.

What have you been up to this summer?
I hitch hiked all over the USA with a skateboard.

Where did you go?
I went up to Oregon, the drove out to New York, hit up Colorado and then Skatoipia in Ohio.

I always see you bitch hiking along the freeway, but I don’t pick you up ‘cause you look like a weirdo; what’s the deal with that?
It takes me wherever I want to go for free. It took me two weeks to get to Portland.

Whatever dude. So your style is definitely unique and has a late 80s flavor… what skaters have inspired you to be the type of skater you are?
All the H-St. skaters, Christian Hasoi, all the surfer bro’s up north that would get barelled by bushes, and everyone who skates fast with loose trucks.

Where’s your favorite to skate?
Steep ass hills and concrete.

What do you do in your spare time when you’re not skating?
I like to pick up random shit off the ground and try to glue them together to change the world, as a means to the end.

You’re a hippie from Big Sur, right? How was growing up there?
Climbed a lot of trees, learned to skate down hills, and made friends with the five toed sloth.

How about cannolis? Do you eat a lot of cannolis?
I have been fasting for the last two years on a diet, trying to lose weight.

Who do you skate with?
Um, who do I skate with? I skate with… With the guys from Terror. You. Um, the cookie monster, Gator… I dunno.

Why do you decorate your grip tape so crazy like?
Well, its… uuh, my source of inspiration. I just wanted to put some naked chicks up on there scrubbing a turtle.

Sick. How about the ocean. Do you ever shred the gnar?
No, you never take me surfing.

Well dude, come out with me after this interview. What music do you listen to?
I like a lot of Indian music.

So you’re from India?
Yeah, sure, why not. I’m from Bombay.

Who are your sponsors right now?
Lets see. Megan, Nameless clothing, Platypus skateboards, and huh Gullwing trucks and I think Brown Beanies.

So what’s with Platypus skateboards?
Well, a portion of the sales go to helping me go to Australia, you know, ’cause those are some dangerous species, man. The boards are mostly bigger shapes that I cut out myself and I’ve been selling them while I’m on the road.

Well, I need to go surf, bro. Is the any one you would like to say thanks or fuck you to?
Big “FUCK YOU” to the kid that stole my camera and all my footage, give it back.