Review: Jimmy Eat World / Jebediah “Split EP”


Jimmy Eat World / Jebediah
“Split EP”
(Big Wheel Rec)

Jimmy Eat World are perfecting this whole soft driven distortion pop thing. This split with Jebediah is another couple of notches in their belt as all three are solid hook pushed pop rocks. Lots of trademark backing vocals, which really help define this band.  Best when they keep the beat moving and they deliver steady on these tracks.  “Taking my kisses back…” sounds like a sincere request in “No Sensitivity”. Ohh, these emo kids are so damn sensitive. But it sure breeds some new life into the world of accessible guitar driven rock with all the edges pulled off. “Cautioners” has an inviting buda-bump of rhythm with slight echo on the drums that the swell of guitars rise and fall out off. For some reason, I would think the Police would like this songs use of sounds.  This band is good at being loud when they want to, but it’s always in a really warm way.

Jebediah has got the most likeable nasal whine of a singer. Kind of Billy Joe (Green Day) snotty without the stupidity.  Laid against pumping pop and a good sense of timing as vocals are delivered in a fairly constant stream.  Some light high voiced backing to sweeten the sound, but avoiding the wimpy moan and whine of their peers.  “The Less Trusted Pain Remover” has some “ooh ooh oooohs” that wears its Weezer on their respective sweater sleeves, but the song is pretty pop all the way.  “Harpoon” toggles between some cool bendy loud breaks and some not as cool simple bounce and barely in tune lyrics (“…like a harpoon in my heart” just doesn’t move me much).  But the other two are winners.