Review: The Angoras

The Angoras
(Angora Static)

If you’re looking for light, friendly pop punk with a slight surfer sound lean to it then you need look no further than The Angoras.

The female vocals on the album tend to lack emotional range. This, so often, is something that happens in production. Our technology can flatten things out unintentionally. I don’t want to harp on that too much as I would harp on the easy breeziness of the whole affair. Like I already more or less stated, the album is very light, unchallenging, and possesses not the vaguest hint of danger that made punk so interesting in the beginning.

The Angoras are probably best listened to live while you’re under the influence of alcohol. I’ll be honest, what isn’t better when you’re drunk than punk rock girls punk rocking? The Angoras aren’t afraid of the internet like a certain bunch of big suck ass cry babies who I won’t mention by name, but whose name rhymes with Gnutellica.