Broken Strings? Check. Bloody Knuckles? Check.

The Survival Code is a hard rocking power trio who currently call London home. They are on the precipice of releasing their second EP, “Broken Strings”, a follow up to 2015’s full-length, which was helpfully named “MMXV” so that nobody can forget the year it was loosed upon humankind.

At only four years of age the band has made remarkable headway, touring through the UK and Ireland and recording the aforementioned albums, the newest of which is set to see the light of day on November 14th.

Waiting for Steak and Kidney Pie or KFC. Equally awful things Brits are known to eat.

The first single from the forthcoming Broken Strings was released on September 25th, 2016 and a video featuring a super villain in training was shot in support of the single. Gary McGuiness, the band’s singer/guitar player/song writer, encourages the super villain to push himself to new heights so he can be the best super villain he can be. The song punches steadily forward under the guidance of Tom Cook’s pounding skinsmanship; it builds and rises triumphantly into a soaringly transportive chorus that flies the listener high on wings of sharply crisp riffing. I’ll tell you this, the video made me smile. It made me feel good. Go ahead and look at it yourself. Go ahead; click play. Indulge. You’ll be glad of the time spent, and won’t cry about wanting your three minutes and twenty seconds back after.

The music itself is of an alternative rock variety infused with metallic and catchy pop hooks. The vocals drip with thick syrupy emotions; they slip into a restrained soothing delivery and then release it all in a big chest-clutching valorous catharsis. If they should choose to ever sail their music off the shores of the British Isles they would likely find fans in those who enjoy the Foo Fighters, Deftones and other such melodic hard rockers.

Check another of the three songs offered up on this EP, ‘One’… fans of Chevelle should find something tasty in this…

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Look up and scream! Okay, only one of these guys can follow simple instructions.

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