Review: Sloppy Meateaters “Shameless Self Promotion”

Sloppy Meateaters
“Shameless Self Promotion”
(Orange Peal Records, Inc.)

Scratch any preconceived notions you might have about a two-member, pop-punk band from Georgia. All right, now listen to Sloppy Meateaters. These guys are pretty damn decent – considering that they’re young, lacking a bassist on this album (one guy played drums, the other did vocals, guitar and bass) and, well, they’re from Georgia, for Gods sake.

They take the pop-punk epidemic and crank it up a few notches, beyond MTV friendly sounds into more of a pop-meets-garage punk, sometimes even sounding a bit Pennywise-esque. Their lyrics range from silly to serious, like in “A Dumb Guy in A Stupid Band”, they sing, “I can’t get a job, I find a girl who I practically rob, She thinks I’m cool cuz i’m in a band, But I’m just loser with no friends.” Then there is the more serious “Mom”. “You sold your soul, so I could eat, you blocked the dark, so I could read. I’m really feeling bad, you’ve been my mom and dad.” While there is a song titled, “I Sing Like a Girl” (is that supposed to be a put-down?), that’s not really the case. “Shameless Self Promotion” is an addictive, thick, punk-pop album, but beware, the songs stick in your head like that road-kill on my tires.