Review: JeJune

(Big Wheel Rec)

One of the best bands you just knew was too good to stay together.  With much story telling about the band, Boston roots and brief re-incarnation/relocation to San Diego, it is all of no relevance… aside from this album.

A testimony to their last studio effort (the first 5 tracks) and some other remixes and rarities from split singles comprises “R.I.P.”  Those unfamiliar with JeJune’s previous efforts missed out on some of the sweetest shoe gazing pop songs with swirling melodies and lots of gooey “hoos” and “woos”.  Soft warm swirly pop that owes cues to Hum and My Bloody Valentine.  This album gives a last look at a band those who were clued enough to embrace will definitely miss.

One last breath, and then it fades.  Sadly sweet – just like the music.

Review: JeJune - R.I.P.