Review: Chrystyna Marie “Loaded Gun”

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This is Chrystyna Marie.

Sexy is as sexy does… and one listen to Marie’s “Loaded Gun” EP is enough fuel for any fantasy.

The Toronto born songstress flirts with classic blues while seducing contemporary pop, making the two join in a jealous fight laced with heartache and love. Her resume is littered with awards, backed by lead roles in various musicals, as well as stint with LA pop group Greencat.

There is a caressing smooth and velvet like quality to Marie’s vocals. They slink across your shoulder the way a dancer might before sliding her other hand around your waist… and you like it. Yes, yes you do.

This is captured on her first solo release, “Loaded Gun” that dropped in early February of 2016. While the singer has worked with representation in the past, she felt the only way to truly capture her vision was to self-produce this release. The confidence shows in all four tracks which serve as a teaser for an upcoming full length.


“You’re love is a loaded gun… cause I don’t need six shots… I only need just one.”

The opening bluesy strut of “Loaded Gun” packs a self-assured slap to the face of heartbreak. The Moog-like organ spills a non-traditional flavor into the swing of this sultry lounge number.

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Chrystyna mines a deeper blues as she howls and moans her way through ‘Down the Road’, a booze soaked confessional of longing and bleak resignation. As a singer, her talent lies in taking bruised and broken feelings and somehow coaxing them into a beautiful, sultry exercise in sensual control.

‘No More’ pulls on more of a pop rock formula, but has some challenging dynamics, all supported by Chrystyna’s beautiful, soulful pout. It is a departure point in the short EP, but demonstrates her range and more contemporary influences like Selena and Christina Aguilera.

The short affair ends with the askew track. ‘The Tower’ which comes calling like a nursery rhyme, haunted by children long gone and abandoned playgrounds. Again, Marie paints a canvas of broken hearts and resignation. They are the crumbled foundations from which to build bigger, better, and brighter.

Explore the entire “Loaded Gun” EP for yourself…

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Chrystyna Marie comments on this release:  “Breath is life, and life is music. I wanted to create music from personal experiences and true emotions. Something the everyday person can relate to and build strength from having been exposed to it. With a raw and gritty feel to emulate these experiences and emotions”.

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