Review: Retisonic

by pr!


After constantly reading about Retisonic, I finally jumped in. Followed the yellow brick road. Chased that dragon. Retisonic was formed by Bluetip creater Jason Farrell, whose Dischord Records band was most easily compared to a Jawbox-meets-Fugazi sound. Jason’s fingers are obviously felt in Retisonic, as the band is to Bluetip as Hey Mercedes is to Braid. It feels lighter, no, leaner then Bluetip, and that’s a good thing. It’s also tighter, and that’s probably because Jason isn’t ‘fighting an uphill battle in song creation’ for Retisonic, as he’s heard to complain about Bluetip. Joining Jason is Joe Gorelick, drummer, who is familiar to Garden Variety fans as their drummer, and was also once in Bluetip as a replacement on drums, though only for a second. While the first Retisonic album was actually a two piece, they’ve added bassist Jim Kimball (from J. Majesty) to the mix, which definitely opens up the music a bit more. Although Retisonic has touring experience with At The Drive In, they’re often compared to the band as well, something I don’t get but with as many comparisons I’ve read… it can’t be a BAD thing.

2004 “Return to Me” (Silverthree)
2002 “Lean Beat” (Silverthree)