Artist Profile: Remembering Never

Hardcore from Florida. Specializing in the brutal breakdown with guitars that can jump on super fast high notes and drop down to an e-string stutter with precision. They make their guitars almost scream with this electric belt-sander sound. Being on Ferret Records is a description in itself as the label specializes in a distinct brand of ‘metallically aggressive hardcore’… which is the quick description of Remembering Never. Passion and depth are put into the lyrics and that draws in the hardcore purists. Working against a few drastic member shifts over the years, it was with the 2002 release of, “She Looks So Good in Red” (Ferret Records) that marked the current direction that is now realized in their latest “Women and Children Die First”. Although just released in January of 2004, it’s setting records in sales for the label and the live shows have been completely out of hand. Vocalist Peter Kowalsky shows his driven need to be understood by including his own comments (I personally back that one). Subjects range from vegetarian views, peer pressure, religion, the environment, abuse of power, the vanity of the superficial, drug use and even the current state of hardcore. Matched by a metallic hardcore assault that crushes. Speedy riffs continually assault in a barrage of chunky guitars and crawling breakdowns. Perhaps not the most original formula, but the enthusiasm for their craft comes through. Constant touring with bands like, Between the Buried and Me, Dead To Fall, Evergreen Terrace, Shai Hulud, Every Time I Die and Beloved has strengthened their sound and can drop a pretty good clue as to what to expect musically from these guys. But it seems more about expressing their views through the music they love rather than breaking the mold of hardcore. Kowalsky sums up the Remembering Never mentality with a comment from the CD: “Being in a hardcore band makes it my privilege and responsibility to share ideas rather than marked the current direction that is now realized in their latest “Women and Children Die First”. Although just worry about what color she looks good in.” Right, because we all know that’s red.

2004 “Women and Children Die First” (Ferret)
2002 “She Looks So Good In Red” (Ferret)

by bushman