Interview: Race For Titles

interview by eric

Nebraska’s state song is “Beautiful Nebraska”, written by Jim Fras and Guy G. Miller. I don’t know about those guys, but I think Omaha-based Race for Titles has a few things over ’em. Melodic math indie space rock, like The Gloria Record except… different. I dunno; describing music like this is weird. They’ve got a single on the “NE vs. NC” compilation, a new record release on Redemption and they’re coming to California on a tour early next you. I phoned up the band (they have telephone’s in Omaha, now) at their practice space…

Hey gang; how was Race for Titles started?
Zac: Well, we started about two years ago in Jamie’s basement jamming around. We checked out some different musicians around town, and then Ryan joined the band, and we actually had a drum machine for a while. Matt, our current drummer, played in another band.
Matt: Yeah, we played our first show together.

You played live shows with the drum machine?
Zac: Yeah.
Matt: I was in my other band, which he was referring to. We had played our first show with race for titles, when they were using their drum machine.

So this was a year ago?
Zac: Yeah

How many tours have you been on?
Matt: None really. We’ve played around.

Does living in Omaha prevent tours?
Matt: Actually no, it’s great for bands. Omaha is central of anywhere, pretty much.

How’s the Omaha music scene itself?
Matt: Great. There’s a ton of bands in Omaha that are just totally exciting to listen to and watch.

Do you find that people who think of Omaha think there isn’t a music scene?
Matt: Used to, up until a year or so ago. Now the perception has totally changed. Now when people hear of new music, chances are it’s from Omaha.

What’s the population of Omaha, anyways?
Zac: Almost 800,000

Nice (suppressing excitement)
Matt: Hey, we’re spread out.
Ryan: It’s all the suburbs out there, it must be a million.

Yeah, but Omaha isn’t cool. Name five cool things:
Matt: Henry Doorly Zoo, baby.
Zac: Family Fun Center.
Matt: Steakhouses. And bars. We like to drink and eat steaks.
Zac: 49er lounge

How is the scene as far as genres? Punks, emo etc?
Matt: We got all sorts here. Pretty much everyone.

What did you guys think of the NE vs. NC?
Matt: Excellent, although for the record, Nebraska kicked their asses.

Think the major labels will enjoy the indie rock scene?
Matt: Ah, they’ll get sick and bored of it right away. We’re not really concerned about major labels…

Who are you touring with?
Matt: Cursive, in late January, early February.

What do you guys do for money? Besides reaping in all that cash from your album?
Ryan: That makes us money?
Matt: I’m a computer programmer
Zac: I work at media services. Jamie works there as well.
Ryan: I run an after school program

Who would be the first to leave the band, over a girl?
Ryan: I’d vote me, because I’m the only one with a girlfriend!
Matt: Qualify that, because we don’t think Ryan is that big of a puss.

Well, you know, his girlfriend says the band isn’t worth it and to make him quit
Zac: Have you met him before? You must be psychic.

Who is the first dead comedian you think of?
Zac: Chris Farley.
Matt: Bill Hicks.
Jamie: Sam Kenison
Ryan: Can I pick the same one that someone else did?

Um, it’s not a test.
Ryan: Oh. Then Chris Farley.

No, unless beer is a drug.

Final thoughts?
Matt: um, well, beer and steaks are good.

See you in San Diego. I’ll buy you a round.
Matt: yay, we like beer!