Review: Polysics

““Hey! Bob! My Friend””
(Asian Man Records)

Cutesy electronic mayhem.  Some guitars and drums with some sloppy chops thrown together against this eternal babble of a techno landscape sounding like a sonic equivalent to a Jackson Pollack painting.  Vocals are either untranslatable or not in my native tongue so I’m pretty lost there.  Imagine Atari Teenage Riot if they weren’’t oppressed Germans and lived in Japan.  Tempos resemble the action when video is fast-forwarded and songs generally clock in around the two-minute mark.  Recommended in small doses as this is jarringly bizarre at times and if you strapped someone into headphones with this, you could watch their eyes start to jiggle lose in a mater of minutes (despite moments of ultra cute female vocals).  The jacket shows a subgenius like patchwork of line art and a handful of pictures that show the (assuming Japanese since that’s where this was recorded) Polysics doing their best Devo imitations. Robotic chaos.  Run Run.  All your base are belong to us.