Review: Ozma

“Spending Time On The Borderline”
(Kung Fu Records)

I had the pleasure of seeing Ozma at the 2002 Coachella Music Festival and really liked their take on organic rock with an organic reggae edge and obvious love for making music. The new album explores more of a rock n roll edge with guitar solos that would make River Cuomo turn his head. Spending Time On The Borderline” also explores synth pop and finds itself somewhere along the lines of Teen Heroes and That Dog.

The synthesizers are definitely the driving force behind most tracks, but the band was careful not to make them too overbearing by throwing in well written guitar solos for good measure. One of my favorite tracks that combines all of the best elements of this album is the anthem “Game Over” which has a contagiously merry chorus. Then there’s the visceral heavy metal mixed with the childish keys found on the track “curve in the old 1-9” who’s soaring tension is hard to resist head banging to. There is no doubt in my mind that this is Ozma’s defining album and that they are taking over the world one listener at a time. Unquestionably worth the cash.