Review: Nuclear Saturday

Nuclear Saturday
““I am Jon Stone””
(206 Records)

Syrupy, bland, poppy guitars and drums posing as punk on this seven track EP from Atlanta’s Nuclear Saturday.  Not that there aren’’t isolated moments that might pass for something resembling brilliance, but there’s not enough here to warrant repeat listenings.  An example of Nuclear Saturday’s redundancy can be found in the track “Let Down”.  Vocalist/guitarist Marc McClusky sings “You let me down” thirteen separate times in a two minute and ten second song-averaging one “you let me down” every ten seconds, quite possibly a new record.  Why not throw in “I feel like I’ll drown” or “You make me frown” just for variety’s sake?  I think we all get the idea that poor Marc was let down and for that we’re all very sorry, but Gee whiz-let’s move on.  The rest of the songs more or less blend together like different flavors of Bubblicious bubblegum between your teeth into a saccharine-sweet wad that you’d just as soon spit out but you don’t have anything better to do so you just keep chewing until you jaw is sore and you’’ve got a bad taste in your mouth.  For those of you keeping score, McClusky sings “We’re not gonna go away” six times in a 55 second span on “Turn and Walk Away”.  You do the math.