Review: Nonpoint

(MCA Records)

A friend recently warned me about a news report he saw on TV concerning music and kids, stating “You now, there’s a lot of stuff out there they say can be bad for kids.” I immediately cracked up. Ninety-percent of the CD’s in our household are stamped Parental Advisory/ Explicit Content and my ten-year-old son’s favorite band is Slipknot. (Slayer rates a close second.)  So, we’re all in agreement the kid has good taste, right? Cool.  Of Nonpoint’s MCA debut, “Statement” the head-banging heathen would like it known, “This shit kicks some serious ass!”  A super-tight sonic cocktail blend of Static-X, Tool and Puya, their formula and execution are undeniable. Vocalist Elias Soriano moves effortlessly through angst-ridden melodics and guttural screams, while drummer Robb Rivera remains particularly strong throughout. Overall, the southern Florida quartet (featuring Andrew Goldman on guitar and KB on bass) doesn’’t stretch much beyond what is familiar in the current state of the genre, however “Statement” does have its moments. “Endure” and “Years” are highly impressive, and “Orgullo” (the Spanish word for “pride”, sung en Espanol) warrants a few hits to the repeat button on the disc player.