Nervosa = all female Brazilian thrash


I want to move to Brazil.

Remember when Sepultura was the shit? My friends would all say, ‘Yeah man, they are like the number one selling band in Brazil. Brazilians know what is up with metal.’ This was before the internet. Who was I to challenge that awesome fact, so I just assumed it was true.

Nervosa is all the proof I need.

It is silly and sexist to highlight that they are all females… that play vicious metal… but let’s not pretend that’s not going to be the first thing you notice.

But then one should notice the metal. The aggressive, born in the 80’s but crash landed in the post-millennia thrash that seems to be seeing a resurgence as all the kids who grew up listening to their parents metal in the 80s and 90s come of age.

Signed to Napalm Records, you can find their full length ‘Victim of Yourself’ if you look hard enough. It has the prerequisite bad cover art that looks like it was done by someone’s little brother… but that’s ok, some of the best metal albums have covers that are just too metal for their own good.

This took a solid 3rd place at the middle school art fair...
This took a solid 3rd place at the middle school art fair…

But don’t judge the book by it’s cover, or album… or anything for that matter.

‘Judge not least ye be judged by Judge Judy’ I think the saying goes…

Behold, the feminine fury of Nervosa!

And check them speaking their native Brazilian. Did I mention I wanted to move to Brazil?