Review: Murder Weapon “Nervous Wreck”

Murder Weapon
“Nervous Wreck”

At a time when even Agnostic Front can’t seem to get their meathead hardcore sound back together again (c’mon? Dead Yuppies? Lame, but at least they’ve never had a problem with the “meathead” part—just listen to Roger Miret’s solo album), along comes Murder Weapon with all of the anger, piss and venom of One Voice…plus a few pounds of guitar chunk. Searing with the heated attack that only a hungry young band can offer, this band pummels all opposition via their old school New York sound. Naturally, it’s packed to the tits with circle pit breakdowns and chant-a-longs so we’re all gonna get hooked inevitably. The best part about this album: it means there’s someone new to pass the hardcore torch to. We don’t have to leave everything in Madball’s hand to fuck up.

Keith Carman