So much not caring… Porches

This is New York based synth-pop band Porches.


They specialize in not caring. At all. Or at least, giving that impression.

The effort that goes into looking like you are not putting in any effort must be exhausting.

Witness their video for, ‘Car’. The whole affair seems so beneath Porches. It’s almost as if the thought process of coordinating the white outfits smacked of WAY too much effort… so that’s enough trying for the day.

That track comes from the bands 2016 release, “Pool” (Domino Records).

The album was well received critically, full of moody, synth based subdued semi-pop tunes. Bypassing the uptempos and melodic tricks of their cousins in the post-new-wave scene… Porches hit on a dour motivation that should appeal to kids not depressed enough to go full Goth, but morose enough to reject the angst of industrial.

The director of their videos must have an incredibly easy job… “Ok band, what I need is your most expressionless, soul-less gaze.. perfect.. now hold it…” and there you go.

“Hour” is another song from that album that hints at something more complex, but still manages to be mired in the thick brackish waters in which Porches continually wade.

The primary inspiration behind Porches is main song composer Aaron Maine. An artsy bastard who I am going to assume is really hard to work with. I am basing that solely on the list of names he has previously released music under: Aaron Maine and the Reilly Brothers, Space Ghost Cowboys, Sex God, Ronald Paris, and Ronnie Mystery.

They have a bandcamp site, but of course, you can’t listen to much music there, because… again… too cool for school. Even though Porches don’t think you deserve it… they have ONE song you can stream for free called, ‘Black Dress’.

[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=225082828 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small track=747670506]


Summer of 2017 sees the band opening for Belle and Sebastian, so it looks like Porches are finding their audience, even though they find the whole ‘fan of their music’ thing rather pedestrian.

Check the band’s Facebook page for more info, dates, music and pics: Porches Facebook