Review: Minus Story

Minus Story
“Heaven and Hell”

I’m sure Minus Story sound familiar. I don’t mean to say that they are just some carbon copy of another band and I’ve almost definitely never heard them before. I think their familiarity is because they are so “on” the pulse. The only repetitive standard on MS’s new release “Heaven and Hell” is the ease with which the five-piece so richly captures the new-wave progressive rock trend. The E.P. is only five songs and one creepy spoken word piece long, but MS keeps it fresh – even though many others in their shoes would have invariably found ways to be formulaic in that space. From the Postal Service-esque ambient keyboards found on the title track to the aimlessly orchestrated “Misery is a Ship,” there is an attitude of freshness (plus a version of the Glenn Danzig-penned “Hybrid Moments”). MS’s clear and soothing vocals reminiscent of Cursive and, now, the Secret Machines melt with mellow and floating instrumentation to form a calming wall of sound worthy of falling asleep to.