Review: M.I.A.

““Lost Boys””
(Alternative Tentacles)

When you get so many damn CDs each month, CDs that you didn’t particularly want, nearly every last one of them gets used for in-home skeet shooting.  In-home skeet shooting is much like regular skeet shooting except it’s done in doors with a pistol rather than a rifle.  You scream at the wife, who’s ducked down behind the couch, “PULL!” and she frisbees the new Soulfly into the air.
KABLAM – Max Cavalera is out of his stupid misery.
KABLAM! – So long Digimortal!  Hahahahahahardyhar.
You’d think the neighbors would complain more, but they tend to keep to themselves when you’re shooting up the interior of your apartment screaming, “Die, you stupid junkie rock star timeserving sons of bitches, die!”
Anyway, shit, what all this is trying to say is, I’ll be keeping this M.I.A. disc.  If it didn’t just come to me in the mail for, then I may have even gone out to purchase the damn thing.  Full of those typical Socal soaring melodies of the eighties punk and hyperactive drumming and dancing bass strings, it really takes a guy back to when punk wasn’t just for prime time network television and Hot Topics mall crawlers.
Problems: production.  Much of this compilation of songs spanning the first half of the eighties (1980-1985) sounds like it was recorded through single microphone in a big empty room.  For all I know it was, but it doesn’t necessarily get the proper power into the jumpin’ slammin’ punk rock action on this little orange disc. But, I guess, some people would say that’s just punk.  And in some ways it is.  At least the soul is there.  At least it’s real.  At least it isn’t sucked dry Blink-182, Green Day, passionless corporate dreck.  I’ll take M.I.A. over that tripe anyday.  Let this compilation stand as another fine example as to what punk is before it’s shanghaied, trimmed, cleaned-up, perfumed and spun dry round and round in the Capital building.