Review: Mensen

“Oslo City”

Never ones to steer us wrong with their impeccable taste in punk rock n’ roll, Gearhead grab yet another impressive gang of tattooed rawkers (the clichéd spelling actually does seem fitting with this quartet) for an album’s worth of searing riffs and unforgettable melodies.

This band is tight, full of catchy riffs and a bold style that features just enough punk in that rock n’ roll to be vicious AND infectious! That said, it must be noted that while Mensen’s drummer is clearly capable, why is it that almost every mostly-female band cops out with a dude for a drummer? Even L7 fell prey to this travesty early on and while gender shouldn’t matter, aren’t Sahara Hotnights (Mensen’s closest competition) adored for their all-gal status and obvious ability to rip it like the Hellacopters? Speaking of the Hellacopters, it’s evident that someone has their copy of By The Grace Of God on repeat…that’s a good thing.