DVD Review: Murder City Devils “Rock and Roll Won’t Wait”


The Murder City Devils
“Rock and Roll Won’t Wait”

These guys (and a gal), the six members of Murder City Devils, put more heart and soul into their alcohol fueled rock music then most bands could ever dream of, and what happened? Two years straight on the road, a handful of albums and then they broke up, which is all our fault, because somehow, they didn’t quite reach the breaking point of being a successful band. They had the potential and definitely the talent, but for whatever reason couldn’t get there, which is sad. The radio can play the same two Social Distortion songs over and over for the past ten years, but not one Murder City Devils single? Fuckers. Anyways, this is a pretty decent band DVD, about an hours worth of material, from just ‘hanging around’ footage to live clips and interviews, it’s definitely worthy to be part of a fans library.