Review: Luckie Strike

Luckie Strike
““Future Is Turning””
(Tomato Head Records)

I don’t really dig chick singers.  I’m sorry, but I can’t find myself on the same plain as any female artist, I just can’t relate.  Luckie Strike on the other hand, has a lead-singer with some well, for lack of a better word-balls.  She wails out some pretty cool tunes that could maybe fit into the genre of “rock n roll.”  “Future Is Turning” is a six- song disc with heart, and even though the name of the band kind of threw me off I gotta give these chicks and guys (two dudes, two chicks) some legitimate credit for their hard work.  I will always tip my lid to a band that covers Elvis Costello tunes, and Luckie Strike launches into “Radio, Radio” with a kinda punk rock twist, and a cool, different perspective being that a chick is belting out the hook.  Plus, in the picture in the media release the two ladies in the band aren’t half bad looking.  This band will probably be around to make a coupla’ cool albums, and “Future Is Turning” is definitely one of them.