Review: Los Kung-Fu Monkeys

Los Kung-Fu Monkeys
““Rebuilding the World””
(One Shot Records)

Los Kung-Fu Monkeys have energy to spare.  So much energy, in fact, that “Rebuilding the World” just might jump out of your stereo and knock you on your ass.  The Monkeys’ ska stylings are based around the genre’s requisite fast-paced horns and driving guitars, but are really held together by strong but obscured bass work from Hassan.  Bernardo and Paco share the vocal duties.  The duo is a little rough around the edges, but their shortcomings on the mic don’t subtract from the quality of the album.  As far as lyrics, the Monkeys deliver nothing earth-shattering, but the tunes, especially “Justify” and “Problems,” are catchy and you will likely find yourself singing along.  To sum up, the album sounds great, and – oh, hell, I just can’t help myself- “Rebuilding the World” is more fun than a barrel of monkeys (but at least three times more fun than said monkeys if they should happen to have ebola).