Lollapalooza 2015 lineup (and MF picks)


July 31st – August 2nd, 2015. Grant Park, Ill.

Paul McCartney and Metallica. On the same bill. That is all.

Obviously, this is Lollapalooza, so that means more bands than you will possibly see, even if you are there.

But the scope of the lineup seems to stress diversity, so the beatle onstage with the metal doesn’t seem that bizarre when the stage will also host Florence + the machine, Sam Smith, Bassnecter and Alabama Shakes… and a whole bunch more. Big lineups, short set times, big crowds, in a small space.

Some suggestions of bands appearing on this years Lollapalooza from MF:

TV on the Radio.
One of the best songs written about Warewolves. Ever. This is the kind of song that makes you feel hungry for moonlight.

DJ and producer. To be a headliner… because you know how to mix shit together soooo fucking well, people will gather in masses to watch you do said mixing… just pisses bands off. But props to anyone who can create anything that moves people and Bassnectar has achieved just that. Through prolific collaborations, releases and remixes, many a dancefloor has been bumped with something filtered through Bassnecter. Witness the Ellie Goulding hit “Lights” get dub step break down workover…

Alabama Shakes
Soulfull rock with a lot of heart. This band has been working very hard for many years. Adopting an honest, bluesy bar rock approach that has seen this Athens, Alabama band slowly rise through the ranks. They’ve played Conan, Kimmel and Saturday Night Live. Probably one of the most legit bands on this lineup.

Cold War Kids
Clever indie rock from Long Beach. While it might error a bit in the emotional, there is no denying the scars that lie beneath the surface of their shoe gazing melodies.

Death From Above 1979
Two Canadians that make more rock and roll than many 5 piece bands. Little indie rock flourishes among gritty guitars and driving drums. Catchy breakdowns abound. This will be a crowd shaker.

And of course… Sir Paul McCartney and Metallica. Fingers crossed for a guest appearance by one or the other during their respective sets.

To hear Paul McCartney screaming “For Whom The Bell Tolls” would be worth the price of admission alone.

And on the topic of Beatles and Metallica… how were Beatallica not invited to play? Someone needs to correct this immediately!

There are many more bands… and like every Lollapalooza, a gathering of art, performances, markets, and people. Lots of people. Freaky… freaky… people. With good taste in music.